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1) What is this all about?

Canada's best Jewish entertainers got together to bring you special videos that you can use at your community events.


Our first video is Purim-themed. It features plenty of silliness, fun, and excitement, with a powerful message.


It can be shown at shuls, schools, organizations, & virtual events.

2) What ages are you guys targeting?


Primarily children 5-9; our goal is to entertain the entire family.

Adults and older siblings will enjoy the videos as well.

3) When is a good time to show the video?

Any time! Our fist Purim Video can be viewed before, during and long afer Purim!

4) How long is each video? What is the Runtime?

Faigy's Hilarious Purim Miracle has a 30-minute runtime.

5) How much does it cost? 

Shuls, Schools, Organizations: USD $25 (CAD $32)


Families: USD $20 (CAD $25)

You'll be able to watch the video right on our website.

6) When will it be ready?

Ready to watch Feb 21, 2021

7) Can I share it with friends?


It should only be watched by the organization or family that purchased the video

(This will also help us make more such content in the future).

8) Where can I order the video?

Right here on this website, through THIS LINK

9) When is your next video coming out?

Click HERE for our other video plans... Make sure you subscribe to be the first to know the release dates!

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